Divya Jain, Box

Divya Jane, BoxDivya Jain
Staff Data Scientist/Engineer

Divya Jain joined Box in 2013 when Box acquired the technology behind dLoop, the company she co-founded which provides advanced data analytics to easily discover content and capture insights from within an enterprise. Divya is now leading Box’s advanced content analysis and data classification efforts. As an important addition to the Box engineering organization, Divya’s innovative technology will help Box users discover documents that are normally unreachable by search or pattern matching solutions, strengthening cloud security and increasing visibility of high value content. Enterprises will no longer be forced to rely on easily breakable search strings and regular expressions, but will have the ability to automatically locate related content that they need to see – ensuring context and relevancy for users of the Box platform. Previously, Divya held roles at EMC Corporation, Kazeon Systems (acquired by EMC), and was senior software engineer at Sun Microsystems.

Divya received her graduate degree in Data Mining and Analysis from Stanford University, and received her MS in Computer Engineering from San Jose State University.