Get Smart (Content)

Your content is smarter than you think.

Metadata and watermarks are being embedded…tracking and recognition software are being encoded…and storage and archiving are being auto-recognized, logged and classified. It’s all enabling a brave new era for media & entertainment companies that are able to leverage new content intelligence tools to streamline their productions and supply chains, while gaining unprecedented marketing data and analytics about how their content is being consumed.

The Smart Content Summit (Nov. 5 at the InterContinental Hotel in Century City) will provide an expert overview of recent advancements in content intelligence for media & entertainment.

Smart content authorities will review best practices and tools that are making content and data in your organization easily identifiable, accessible and used. Keynotes will review successful smart content case studies that are allowing today’s content owners to maximize the value of their content — while engaging their customers in the most individual ways. Smart content is what really makes smartphones, smart TVs and smart homes so smart. It is also how the entertainment industry will prepare for whatever lies ahead in the digital creation, production and distribution marketplace. Throughout the entire lifecycle – from green light, into production/post and through all the various distribution outlets, the workflow and subsequent data streams associated with your content is too important to ignore.

Get smart about smart content at the entertainment industry’s first industry event dedicated inventing a smarter Hollywood.

Smart Content Technologies Include:

  • Audio & Visual Recognition
  • Autotranslation
  • Business Intelligence
  • Consumer Recommendation
  • Content Interoperability
  • Data Analytics
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Digital Content IDs
  • Geo-location
  • Mass Data Management
  • Media Asset Management
  • Metadata
  • Predictive Consumer Behavior
  • Rights Management
  • Smart Content Strategy
  • Smart Storage & Archiving
  • Smart Production
  • Taxonomy/Semantics
  • Visual Tracking
  • Watermarking

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Studio Executives are also invited to attend the 2nd Women in Technology: Hollywood Luncheon on personal branding, open exclusively to MESA Members and their studio guests.